Sunday, February 2, 2014

Even the best laid plans...

Last night Piper was up a million times in the night.  Boooo teething.  And somewhere in the middle of the night I made the (not so wise) decision to turn off my alarm for church.  Sigh.  And then when my children woke up at 8am anyway, I was not ready and we did not get out the door for 9:00 church.  I'm kicking myself.

But then Jordan swooped in and took both girls to the grocery store, and I got to sit and listen to one of the most impactful sermons I've heard in awhile.  (Most likely because when we are at church I am thinking about Emberly and her melting down at Sunday School and wondering whether or not she is still crying and trying to keep Piper quiet and happy... all while attempting to listen to the sermon.) 

Now... don't get me wrong.  I believe corporate worship is incredibly important.  Vital even.  I believe that God intends us to work through the messiness of getting to church and works in spite of the distractions. 

But this morning was a nice change of pace.  And Christ worked in spite of my decision to sleep in.  And I just feel humbled and grateful.

And now here I sit, with just maybe a moment or two before my people come walking through the door... with the food smelling delicious and feeling quite content.

:)  That's all. 

Monday, December 3, 2012


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